VCOrganizer Enterprise


Example 4: Sync items between three Oultook clients, one of them syncs from PC to phone only.

In this example, there are two groups and three PCs

  • Primary Group (default Calendar folders on Home and Partner PCs)
  • Business Group (A calendar folder called "Business Events" on Home PC, and a calendar folder called "Top Accounts" on Office PC)
  • The sync is two-way between Home PC and Partner PC
  • The sync is one-way from Office PC to Home PC



  1. Install SyncCenter on Office PC, Partner PC and Home PC
  2. On Home PC, SyncCenter -> Sync Options -> Calendar -> Folders, select "Sync Selected folders".
  3. Then, select the default Calendar folder (e.g. called Calendar) and the folder called "Business Events ".
  4. Then, sync your Home PC with VCO. All the events in default folder and "Business Events" folder will be synced to VCO.
  5. In Partner PC, SyncCenter -> Sync Options -> Calendar -> Folders, select "Sync Default Folder Only".
  6. Then, sync the Partner PC with VCO. The events in Home PC default calendar folder will be synced to Partner PC default folder. (Remark, the events in "Business Events" will not by synced to Partner PC). The events in Partner PC default folder will be synced to VCO.
  7. Sync VCO with Home PC. The items in Partner PC default calendar folder will be synced to Home PC default folder.
  8. On Office PC, SyncCenter, General tab -> Synchronization Direction, select "Sync from Outlook to Mobile Only". In Sync Options -> Calendar -> Folders , select "Sync Selected folders".
  9. Select the folder called "Top Accounts". Keep all the other folders un-selected.
  10. In VCO, Sync screen, check option "Only copy folders structure", and then sync with Office PC. It will create the folders in VCO.
  11. Then, in the VCO Folders screen, expand the "Business Events" group. Then, click the "Link" icon and add the "Top Accounts" folder to the "Business Events" group.
  12. Then, sync VCO with Office PC again. The events in office Outlook will be synced to VCO.
  13. Then, sync with Home PC again, the events on Office "Top Accounts" folder will be sync to Home PC "Business Events" folder.
  14. Remember, in VCO, you cannot add a non-empty folder to a group (the folders on PC doesn't need to be empty). Therefore, you need to sync the folder structure on Office PC to VCO first, then add the folder to the group, and then sync again.
  15. By default, VCOrganizer Calendar displays all the events. To display the events in "Business Events" only, select the Filter, and select the "Business Events" Group.


If both folders on Home PC and Office PC are non-empty, the initial sync may take longer as VCO tries to match the events between Home PC and Office PC.

To avoid any duplicates and let the initial sync runs faster, if possible, it's suggested to have one of the folder is empty. For example, you can create a new Calendar folder in Home PC called "Business Events", then sync events from Office "Top Accounts" folder to "Business Events" folder on Home PC.